Customer service at home: top 5 legit companies that are hiring now




Companies are becoming leaner and more efficient, but that doesn’t mean that they want to lack in the customer service department.  In fact, customer service jobs are projected to grow 10% until 2024 creating a quarter million new jobs, according to these statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  So how do companies reduce costs while expanding customer service departments?  Well, the short answer is that they hire people to work from home.  This helps save the company money by reducing the need for building space, office equipment, and pricey utilities.

Customer Service from Home: What you need 

Are you committed to helping people find solutions?  Are you customer service oriented or good at making sales?  Do you have a home office that is free from distractions?  If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, a role in customer service working from home might be for you!  Most companies also require that you have a landline telephone, wired internet (internet that is plugged directly into the computer), and a hands-free headset device.  Further, some companies even test your internet speed, so make sure you have reliable and quick internet before you apply to some of these positions.  If you’re ready to browse potential employers, check out the list in the next section.

Customer Service from Home: Employers

Below is a list of the top five companies that are hiring NOW for customer service positions as of July 12, 2017.  This list will be updated monthly, so check back for updates and perhaps more listings!

Amazon Customer Service

Apple at Home Advisor

U-Haul Customer Service

LiveOps Customer Service

Convergys Customer Service

Connect:  Do you know of any other at-home customer service opportunities or can share your experience with any of these companies?  Share with us below!


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